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By getting to know Voreios Hellas Sausages & Cured Meat Products, you set out on a trip to tradition and quality.

Voreios Hellas Sausages & Cured Meat Products in 1955

First establishment in Drama in 1916

Voreios Hellas Sausages & Cured Meat Products!

The passion and knowledge of our grandparents who paved the way back in the distant 1916, the well-preserved recipes over time and the excellent production of raw materials is the heritage that was passed down from one generation to the next with lots of love.

This laid down a 100-year golden path for Voreios Hellas Sausages & Cured Meat Products that led to the table of the Greek family.

For over a century, we have been offering quality sausage products and unique taste for the Greek family. For four generations we have maintained our hold on tradition and developed the production line, so that we can offer you a huge variety of cold meat products that meet the needs of your diet.

We support the Greek family, maintaining the quality and keeping the tradition alive from generation to generation!

Our store in Venizelou Street in 1946

Cold meat - Zythos in 1955